Fraud Awareness and Prevention (Certificated)

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課程時數 : 1.5小時

線上講師 : Dr. L.T.

開課時間 :隨報隨上

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Fraud presents serious legal, compliance and reputational risks as well as huge fines and penalties. With the trend of increasing regulatory scrutiny and penalty, It is, therefore, very important to understand the anti-fraud laws and regulations, and the fraud awareness and prevention. This course covers key international principles and laws and this course has been developed to provide an understanding of how to identify, detect and prevent fraud.

※Compliance and Internal Audit Certification Training※


This course has been designed to provide training for all staff working in banking, finance and related industry. This course is suitable for who with responsibility for, or involvement in, the development or implementation of compliance policies and procedures. It will also highly benefit those with duties requiring compliance.


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  2. 本課程閱讀期間為30天(自寄出開班訊息E-mail後的次日起算),閱讀期間內,可不限次數、24小時上網研習課程。


  1. Total time of learning must exceed 1hr 21min.
  2. Please fill in post-course survey.
  • Deadline: Please complete the online test within 7 days after the last day of learning perio.
  • Time: 20 minutes.
  • Type: 10 true-false and mutiple-choice questions.
  • Score: Each question is worth 10 points. The total is 100 points. You must score at least 60 points to pass the test.
  • Makeup Test: Those who fail to get 60 points or do not complete online test within 7 days after the last day of learning period, should take a makeup test within 14 days. Please note that you can take makeup test only once.

※In order to ensure the smooth accumulation of course hours, make sure to switch chapters every 30 minutes. If you can’t use the course for some period of time, please close all course windows.


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Key International Principles and Laws
  1. Introduction
  2. Key international principles and guides
  3. Key US and UK laws
What is Fraud?0.05
Types of Fraud
  1. Basel types of fraud
  2. ACFE types of fraud
  3. UN types of fraud
Why Do People Commit Fraud?
  1. Fraud triangle
Fraud Awareness
  1. Main purposes
  2. Key approaches
Fraud Risk Management
  1. Basel approach
  2. COSO approach
Risk Assessment
  1. RA steps
  2. RA register
How Can You Detect and Prevent Fraud?
  1. Fraud prevention controls
  2. Fraud detection controls
Fraud Investigation and Corrective Action0.05
Case Study
  1. Violations
  2. Enforcement action -- consent order
  3. Federal Reserve Board C&D order / OCC consent order
Recent Trends and Developments
  1. Recent trends and developments
  2. Part 504 regulations
  3. Part 500 regualtions
  4. Continued scrutiny
  5. Fintech start-ups and supervision
  6. Technology and analytics as a risk muscle
  7. Changing customer expectations and bank risk profile
End-of-course Assessment0.1


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